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Updated: May 29, 2020

Has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which he has promised to those who love him? (James 2:5) We are living in poverty. Some in economic poverty, but all of us in what we might call the poverty of companionship. I love spending time with my friend Linda, who lives in Cleveland. For years we have roomed together at annual church-related conferences. The time in each other's company is life-giving. 2020 was going to be a good spring, with conferences in April and June, plus she (as a fabulous organist) was supposed to play for our son's wedding in mid-May.  Then came the pandemic, and now I don't know when I'll see her. You are all experiencing the same thing with friends far and near, and more so with relatives. Friends we love and trust with our lives; grandchildren whose lives we follow closely; people in whose company we somehow become a better person. I miss seeing all of you - so much that it aches.  We are poor at the present time. But James tells us God has chosen us, in our poverty, to be rich in faith. How is this so? We are being forced to learn to live in a new way. Most of us have no choice but to slow down. This gives us the chance recalibrate our lives. We can't pack our schedules with social events, sporting events, nights out on the town. We are not running ragged making sure the kids get to their piano lessons, karate class, sports practices, tournaments. Instead we are find ourselves asking: What is really important in life? For families, perhaps it's spending more time together. For those who live alone, perhaps it's re-discovering the Bible in a compelling narrative version. For workaholics, perhaps it's stepping outside periodically and spending five minutes simply gazing up at the sky or listening to the harmony of rustling leaves. All these are ways of becoming closer with God.  Let's not think about all the things we can't do but of how God is inviting us to experience the richness of faith in ways we never imagined.  Peace be with you, Pastor Raabe

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